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Nothing Changes in Belize, Until We All Call For a New System of Government

Cabinet Members become Gods for 5 Year Cycles

The Cabinet is the monarch for every 5-year term of government, immune from criticism, from prosecution, (even after the end of the term) responsible and accountable (legally) to no one, all powerful and invincible. Unlike the UK, there is no Queen, or House of Lords, (permanent) nor back-benchers (temporary) to keep it in check. Therefore, all pretenses at consultations with, or reporting to the people is just a farce. It has no real value. The Cabinet (monarch) then appoints Boards, officers of government, commissions, etc. all to help it do its work but the moment, any of them step out of line, that person or body is disbanded or disciplined. The Cabinet (monarch) has the power to make any law it wants. There is no need to discuss it with the rest of the people’s representatives who are not in the Cabinet. Instead, House members are virtual outcasts, especially if they are from the opposing party. The Cabinet (monarch) has the power to enforce any law through the uniformed units (police, army, customs, immigration etc.)... ...even if it is to put down genuine people’s complaints (simply called “unrest” and because other countries don’t interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, they can get away with it. On an individual basis, they have the power to legally victimize in any form whatever - from police harassment to legal property acquisition, to land title cancellation, to job redundancy, or retrenchment, to more covert activities such as threatening private business with loss of contracts, or no contracts if they accommodate an undesirable individual such as one who has openly supported any position that opposes the government’s position. The Cabinet (monarch) has the power over every organization, including: Town Councils, Village Councils, NGO’s, private sector organizations, even churches, all by way of legislation which they can amend or repeal without notice. The Cabinet (monarch) has the power to, at any moment, apprehend you, incarcerate you, to determine if, when and where and how you are educated, to determine what you wear, where you go and how you spend your resources. It even determines your health, and what you listen to and read.

The Cabinet (Monarch) is all powerful. (It is the Massa). We the people are the subjects (that’s why it is a Monarchical system).

The Courts are not independent of the system because this independence is only as far as the Cabinet will allow it. Cabinet (the monarch) appoints the judges and magistrates, pays them, sets their tenure, and gives them power ( free rein to adjudicate only on the laws that the Cabinet makes. (The Cabinet can change laws anytime so there goes any independence that the Courts have. It does not matter whether that law is good or bad for the people. Cabinet (the monarch) can legislate around any law. Finally, it does not matter what we the people want because whatever laws or programs or practices the Cabinet (monarch) makes, however good, a subsequent Cabinet (new monarch) can and does change, discard, repeal, or do whatever it likes no matter how much of the people’s money, time or research or efforts that were expended on these projects, it does not matter if or how much we still owe. It does not matter if it does not suit the new monarch, it is thrown out. Nothing escapes the Monarch (Cabinet); nothing is sacred in this “Monarchical System.”

If we as Belizeans do not call for and support politicians and political parties who are calling for a complete GOVERNMENT SYSTEM CHANGE, we can continue voting for PUP and UDP under this SYSTEM for the next 100 years and hope and pray that things will change for the better in this country.

We will put a man on the moon first...

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