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A Message From Charles Leslie Jr | Belmopan Mayoral Candidate | 2018

I bet you will agree with me when I say:

That you would like to see cost of living to stop going up.

Charles Leslie Jr - BPP Mayoral Candidate - Belmopan

I will go further:

I believe that not only should you be seeing cost of living stop going up, you should actually be seeing it going down.

It's not that difficult really, let me point out just one example of what could be done.

Belmopan has amazing potential and development plans that already exist that can provide many quality jobs and reduce the cost of living for you for the short and long-term, especially your property taxes.

Unfortunately, these plans seem to be a state secret. A website will probably conveniently pop up just before elections, however, I doubt it very much that full, detailed financial reports will be on it.


Because there is a severe lack of good governance and transparency in the Belmopan City Council, especially when it comes to YOUR MONEY.

Don't freak out, I won't try to stop the current development that is going on.

Your streets will still get paved and maintained, infrastructure works will still continue...

...however, we can do it without more loans and especially without raising property taxes and thus cost of living and cost of doing business...

...that means more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket.

Take a minute to think about what that means for you and your family and your business.

We don't want to fight with the PUP or UDP.

Hate and division have already done enough harm.

We believe in embracing good governance and transparency, which benefits everyone and punishes no one...

...except criminals, of course.

Shouldn’t Gene Briceno Lopez be in jail for forging Mayor Belisle’s signature and stealing YOUR MONEY?

Won’t slip under my watch.


I was almost murdered by police in Placencia - 2009. I decided to change the system. I ran as the first independent Chairman in 2010 and won. I completed my entire manifesto by applying good governance and transparency...

I am just a normal, working-class Belizean who want change, so I pay for everything with the little I have and the people who make small donations to my campaign, so that I answer to no special interest...

...especially no Danny Mason type.

That puts me in a position to serve you, the people of Belmopan, and only you.

There is much more I have to tell you about how we can develop Belmopan the right way...together...read my manifesto for full details...all doable, all realistic plans.


I am the youngest and first independent Chairman of Placencia Village (2010 - 2013).

I had the pleasure of also sitting on the District Association of Village Councils (DAVCO) for Stann Creek West and the National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO).

My 3 years as Chairman of Placencia taught me a very valuable lesson: Nothing works without good governance and transparency. Nothing!

Transparency builds trust, and it victimizes no one, it actually builds equity and fairness.

And no person, family, organization, village, town, city or country can properly grow prosperous without good governance and transparency.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel in Belmopan, embracing good governance and transparency will allow the best ideas to float to the top, without fear or favor, and Belmopan already have amazing people with amazing ideas and plans that are not being implemented.


Well, PUP want their people. UDP want their people. I want who is the best for the job.

Who benefits? Everyone!

With your support we can, together we will get Belmopan on track.



Have a beautiful day,

Charles Leslie Jr.

Mayoral Candidate


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