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Hipolito Bautista Throws His Hat in the Ring & Joins the BPP Belmopan Team | Belize Municipal El

Hipolito Bautista, who currently sits as the Secretary General for the Belize Progressive Party, lives in Belmopan.

He made one short statement: "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

He joins Mayoral Candidate for the Belmopan Municipal Elections 2018, Charles Leslie Jr, as they move forward to building an uncompromising BPP slate.




Hipolito Bautista | Belize Municipal Elections 2018 | BPP Belmopan Councilor Slate

I am retired as Free Zone Director from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. And 15 years after that in the Corozal Free Zone, I dedicated myself to the start-up and growth of 75 new businesses most of whom opted out of the Zone when the law was arbitrarily changed.

Apart from the excitement and drama of producing plays, my passion is still to set up new companies to see jobs created and prosperity to arrive for many disenfranchised.

This was in fact the original expansion plan for Belmopan. It hasn’t worked all these years under previous administrations because pork-barrel politics stepped in to buy votes and to secure election victories over and over again rather than create long term job opportunities and prosperity. We have been waiting forever.

The time to change Belmopan’s flip- flop management and lack of positive direction is long overdue. Change it.

Join us. Vote BPP. Vote Green!


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