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NOMINATION DAY TODAY | A Message from Charles Leslie Jr. | BPP Mayoral Candidate | Belmopan

BPP Belmopan 2018 Municipal Elections Team

When I ran as the first independent Chairman of Placencia in 2010. I stood alone. The entire UDP Slate (they had 2 Candidates for Chairman) stood and they mocked me, they snickered and made snide remarks.

I had no problem with that. I was an underdog. I was new to politics. However, I was confident that I could get my entire action plan completed in 3 years.

I did.

Elections and Boundaries officials tried to disqualify me, but that didn't last when they realized that I was a 6th generation Placencian and the Community Center they were standing in about to conduct elections was named after my Grandmother, Doris Leslie.

They tried to snatch away my Constitutional right to run for office.

Today, I stand in Belmopan, as a Belizean under the Belize Progressive Party-BPP, vying for the Mayoral office, and my 3 Councilors: Robinson M. Crusoe Jr., Farah Ken, Hipolito Bautista, because I know, from personal experience, that with Good Governance and especially Transparency Belmopan can shine, and truly become the City of Promise...for all.

I have been there. I have done that. Good Governance and Transparency works...for you!

Please, give us one chance to prove this fact. Let's get Belmopan on Track.

If you want to show the Green Machine your support, please feel free. We conduct our nomination at the Civic Center at 1 p.m.

In service,

Charles B. Leslie Jr.

P.S. I worked with and respected every single one of those UDP Councilors. I followed the rules and made sure they did, too.


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