• Paco Smith - BPP Chairman


During this Holy Season, your Belize Progressive Party - BPP wishes one and all a Blessed Easter Holiday. Amid these tumultuous times, the challenges facing our nation are many. Therefore, let us give pause to reflect on our Belizean reality and use this occasion to resurrect a new sense of ownership. Inevitably, this can first be achieved by holding accountable those elected to represent us. Most significantly, following the recent municipal elections, we trust you acknowledge that only the BPP is: ready, willing and capable of bringing about the substantive change required to place Belize on the progressive path toward recovery. Bearing this in mind, we remind one and all, the need to remain attuned to several, critical issues including: (1) that Belizeans to Vote "NO to the ICJ!" in the impending Referendum, (2) the necessity for Belizeans to hold the government to its word regarding the long-overdue Re-registration process and its scheduled commencement, (3) keeping a watchful eye on the intended Re-districting exercise and (4) pressuring all elected officials, irrespective of their political affiliation to adhere to the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) by declaring their assets and paying their requisite fines, which necessitates demanding the Integrity Commission no longer cherry-picks the issue and therefore sticks to the letter of the law. In all, Belizeans both at home and abroad are encouraged to give due consideration to these and all pressing matters, as we reflect on the true meaning of Easter and what the significance of "resurrection" means, moving forward as a nation, determined to rise out of the current, socio-economic and moral abyss in which our nation finds itself. A Happy and Blessed Easter to one and all!

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