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PUDP Will Never Change What Benefits Them Most. Only the BPP is Committed To Changing The System.



36 years of PUDP celebrating conventions and elections yet poverty, the only economic indicator that means anything, has never been reduced.


Why is that?

The current system of government is simply used by the PUDP to extort the people of Belize and the people's resources, and oppress and suppress real opposition by using the state's monopoly on force.

Only the BPP is committed to the long term.

Committed to build a grassroots working people party that will shift the tax burden to those NATO allies multinational corporations that have not contributed for 36 years, while ensuring 100% contributions by all those Economic Citizens (Indian, Arab, Chinese, Mennonite, etc) that give a money bag to both Red and Blue before elections and then get to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

A Progressive Tax System with 100% contributions will ensure Belize becomes a donor nation instead of a beggar nation - with free education and health being a reality.​

#ChangeTheSystem #PUDP

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