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By: Charles Leslie Jr | Public Relations | BPP


“Any kind of action, such as handouts, charity, that relieves people's stress a little bit, without changing the political and economic system, changes nothing over the long run. Belize’s reality as it is today is a testament to that fact.”

Belizeans are preparing, once again, to make political change by throwing out the corrupt currently in office, and bringing the corrupt they threw out of office 10 years ago.

And they will do this because they are upset, and believe that the corrupt of 10 years ago have learned their lesson, and new faces of change are being presented.

Belizeans are convinced that the new faces will be devoted to fighting corruption, to ending inequality, to making it no longer a problem for young people to build a future in Belize.

"But, the truth is, unless you are willing to change the political and economic system you cannot achieve those ends."

The bottom line is, we have had political revolution after political revolution in Belize, but we have never had the economic transformation needed to go with it.

A nation's economic system, guided by its political system, the main function is to create security, health, and education; reduce poor class, grow the middle working class, and limit the influence of the upper-class money in politics, and regulate it so that it is properly taxed and controlled.

If this cannot be accomplished, we will never progress beyond what we are seeing in Belize today - more roads, infrastructure, yet more poverty and all the negative economic externalities that go with it.

We must fight for a political system that creates a true balance of power and real checks and balances so that we can have an economic system that will take us from a poor beggar nation to a rich donor nation.

How do we get such a political and economic system? we must talk about the system and stop fighting for or against this or that politician.


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