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CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Kudos to Panama. Let's Do The Same To Belize's Corrupt Politicians

BY: Paco Smith | Chairman | Belize Progressive Party

With the way things are digressing in Belize, it is virtually inevitable that some (former) politicians will seek refuge abroad, in an effort to ride off into the proverbial sunset, following their unbridled and unrepentant pillaging of our nation's resources.

Above: Ricardo Martinelli - US extradites former president of Panama to face wiretapping and embezzlement charges

Of course that may seem somewhat of a stretch because in Belize, due to the entrenched nature of this corrupt system, thieving politicians are rewarded for committing crimes against the people of this nation. Yet, with the hope your Belize Progressive Party - BPP brings, someday crooked politicians will be held accountable.

One word to the wise is that if Belizeans wish to see that day, its high time they realise that no such good governance practises shall ever come by way of either side of the PUDP non-divide. That's a simple fact that certainly cannot be refuted.

Bearing this in mind, once Belizeans embrace the substantive change the BPP represents...that is to CHANGE THE SYSTEM, Belize will reach the level of having a government that is willing to do right by the people and holding elected officials, irrespective of political affiliation accountable, to the letter of the law.

Therefore, in this instance, kudos to the Government of Panama, as they appear to have the political will and wherewithal to hold their elected officials accountable for alleged acts of corruption. Of note, in this instance, it is a former President of the Republic.

Oh, what a wonderful day it shall be to see former so-called leaders/elected officials in Belize in a similar situation!

We can make it happen, but it all begins with you...the individual, to be willing to step outside your not-so-comfortable "comfort zone" and embrace that with which you are not accustomed. Here's a hint: You can begin by supporting your Belize Progressive Party - BPP.

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