• Paco Smith | Chairman | BPP

ECONOMIC REVOLUTION: If Estonia can do it, Belize Can Also Have FREE Public Transportation

By: Paco smith | Chairman | BPP

This is a novel concept, one that I dare say could only be conceived via a Belize Progressive Party administration.

Belize can make public transportation free


Of course, to engage such an effort, it would first mean that corruption must be dealt with definitively. This is yet again, why such a lofty and insightful project would never be taken into consideration by the PUDP.

Next, it would entail a definite re-vamping of Belize's system of taxation. As you may have guessed, once again, the PUDP would never consider such a thing.

Finally, it will entail an established degree of leadership integrity and based on the track-record of the PUDP, although they may attempt to hoodwink the electorate into believing they have turned over a new leaf, such is not the case.

In effect, efforts such as free-mass transportation among others, are not beyond the realm of possibility. Yet, in order for Belize to be in a position to explore these "outside-the-box" initiatives, we must first get our house in order. Essentially that is where the BPP's mantra of CHANGING THE SYSTEM is evident.

This is simply some food for thought and digestion, from this day forward, because in a relatively short time, you will be asked, once again, to exercise your franchise at the polls in the upcoming General Election. Yet, presumably prior, you will be afforded the opportunity to exhibit the essence of fundamental common-sense as it relates to whether or not Belize should vote to take Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ.

After doing your due diligence, I invite you to view the landscape and determine which of the principles' assessment and recommendation of the situation makes the most sense. Once you've decided, juxtapose that very same perspective when you go to the polls for the General Election.

Think about it, common-sense versus jargon, rhetoric and subterfuge...which is in the best interest of our beloved nation?

8867 Today. 8867 Tomorrow. 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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