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NO TO ICJ: Belize's Manchurian Candidates

BY: Paco Smith | Chairman | BPP

It is a shameful an unconscionable situation in which these PUDP attorney-politicians have placed our nation.


One thing that rings true throughout, is that the Guatemalan oligarchy has had a consistent, all-too-willing set of Belizean "Manchurian Candidates", in the form of their constituent counterparts (on our side of the BORDER) who have facilitated the Guatemalans' every whim. This is manifest in their FAILED, bi-partisan PUDP "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ADHERENCE and ACCOMMODATION.

MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE: a candidate running for office who publicly supports one group to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers to assist an opposing group.

Stop and think for a moment, how those to whom we have consistently entrusted the well-being of our nation, summarily made ongoing moves that have eroded (on the international diplomatic scene) the many gains achieved by Belize, leading up to 21st September 1981. Simply put, from that day forward, up until the signing of the once, much-vaunted Special Agreement/Compromis in December 2008, there was no question anywhere among Belizean government officials as to whether or not Belize had a western border. Yet, from that point forward, the ill-conceived, bi-partisan narrative has regurgitated the ill-logic that the area we know to be our wesern BORDER, is now a so-called "Adjacency Zone".

If one feels as though words do not carry weight, particularly when it is consistently being reinforced by those in positions of influence (e.g. the Ministry of Foreign Affiars in addition to those in Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition), one need not do more than go to Google Maps and search for Belize. The evidence is plain to see that our western BORDER is depicted via a dotted line - https://www.google.com.bz/maps/@17.191218,-88.354457,8z…This in and of itself should be deemed entirely unacceptable by Belizeans, irrespective of ther viewpoint concerning the question as to whether or not Belize should accommodate Guatemala in its push to take their unfounded claim to our sovereign territory, to the ICJ.

The subterfuge and intentional deception that has been and continues to be perpetrated against the people of Belize, in such regard, is nothing less than treasonous and it is the responsibility of the people to hold those who are culpable, accountable. That process must begin by first opening our minds to the brass tacks of the issue involving the referendum. Simply put, (1) the risk for Belize to go to the ICJ under such dubious circumstances is far too high and (2) taking such a risk is unnecessary as there are other, viable means through which to address this issue. The reality is that the question as to whether or not Belizeans should vote to go to the ICJ is starightforward and quite simple. It is not rocket science, for as I have said on numerous occasions, no former court judgment or legal opinion (most of which are outdated, because they do not take into account the dynamic nature of this ever-changing matter - case in point the current situation on the Sarstoon River), shall change the fact that the risk for Belize is too high. Point blank!

In sum, for those who blindly persist in attempting to rationalise Belize going to the ICJ, particularly under such untenable parameters, as being some sort of panacea (cure-all) to Guatemala's: dogged belligerance, intransigence and outright aggression toward Belize, are being disingenuous at best.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, given the non-chalant and abhorrent manner in which our elected officials have so frivolously "defended" our nation's territorial integrity, we find ourselves at the proverbial "eleventh hour" in which we stand but one referendum vote away from determining whether or not we are willing to place upwards of 53% of our nation (and that is a conservative estimate, because according to the FM, which is clearly indicative of the hair-brained nature of the pro ICJ lobby, he believes that Guatemala is claiming the entire country), on the chopping block, at the ICJ!

Simply put, its past time that Belizeans (both at home and abroad) pick sense from the nonsense our elected officials on both sides of the PUDP non-divide have spewed for nearly the past decade, and let them know by way of a resounding "NO" vote at the referendum, that Belizeans are not gullable enough to think that going to the ICJ, on the advice of officials who have demonstrated time and again, their complete and utter ineptitude on this and an entire array of: social, economic, development and legal matters, is by any stretch of the imagination...prudent.

Hence, this appeal is made to one and all to not fall victim to the all too tragic condition of being guilty of looking at the forest, meanwhile inexplicably failing to see the trees.

We need not place our territory at risk at the ICJ, under the current terms because there are other, viable alternatives which do not entail such unnecessary uncertanty.

8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!


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