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Following is a portion of a gem of an interview. Simply put, it should be deemed "REQUIRED VIEWING" for ALL Belizeans.

I am not too keen on politicians aka those who are elected, by the people, in the hope they will do what is in the best interest of their nation. Yet, if ever there were one such individual for whom I hold the utmost respect, it is the late Nelson Mandela.

This gentleman was not a politician. He was a freedom fighter, a leader and an agent of change.

His response to Ted Koppel and others who sought to castigate him for not adopting the mainstream narrative concerning Yasser Arafat and Muhmar Ghaddaffi was indicative of his genuine character. He made it clear that just because the geopolitical powers consider someone their enemy, under his watch, South Africa would not blindly follow suit. If I recall correctly, he also made it clear that the same applied to Cuba, as it related to the US seeking to have him turn his back on Fidel Castro, despite Cuba being among his staunchest supporters during his unlawful incarceration, under the then, apartheid state of South Africa.

I believe everyone can learn from the example of this great man, Nelson Mandela. In Belize we have so-called "leaders" of many ilks and persuasions who have demonstrated time and again just how ill-equipped they are to actually "lead". Whether it be due to their zealotous orientation or if they are self-centred, self-serving opportunists, one thing is clear, that the attributes of principle and logic are not among the "qualities" they possess.

A word to Belizeans and true friends of Belize, in these critical times, when our covetous neighbour is blatantly taking us for fools and, unfortunately, our elected officials have allowed themselves to be duped, we must pick sense from the nonsense and make them know that we shall not be led to slaughter of the ICJ, like a bunch of sheep.

Take a leaf out of the great Nelson Mandela's book and incorporate a principled stand, when it comes to what is in the best interest of Belize. Do not bow to the geopolitical forces and their local minions who seek to deceive us.

In assessing the matter of Guatemala, its unfounded claim to our sovereign territory and whether or not we should facilitate them, by going to the ICJ, set aside your 'red' or 'blue'- tinted glasses and incorporate a modicum of common sense and sound-rational thought, along with the integrity and principle of which I am certain President Mandela would be proud.

Simply put, given the history of Guatemala's intransigence, coupled with the reality that the parameters set by the ever-changing conditions of the once, much-vaunted Special Agreement/Compromis bear far too much risk for Belize and add in the extremely important fact that Belize has other, viable options through which to effectively address this existential concern, whereby the inherent risks to our nation's well-being are minimised...I pray that Belizeans shall recognise that the most prudent thing is to vote "NO to the ICJ!". Simply put, please do not get caught unwittingly in the trap of seeking to be analytical, yet allowing yourself to be guilty of looking at the forests, while failing to see the trees.

In so doing, it shall send a direct message to the unscrupulous coalition of: the Guatemalan oligarchy, Belize's contemptuous elected officials, (aka the PUDP non-divide) the OAS and the geopolitical forces who are colluding to unceremoniously trick Belizeans into undermining our nation-state, as we know it.

In sum, no: former decision of the court, outdated legal opinion nor the ongoing, flawed-singular narrative of the powers that be shall negate the inherent risks Belize faces by virtue of even considering going the route of the ICJ, under the current parameters.

My people, "sleep wid yu own eye", because these grubby politicians, irrespective of their chosen hue, have demonstrated over the past 37 years, they have absolutely no desire nor inclination to act in the best interest of Belize or Belizeans.

As the Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson so prophetically said, "The time to save your country is (NOW), before you lose it", I am entirely convinced that we Belizeans must take those words to heart.

On a final note, in terms of LEADERSHIP, I can say unabashedly that insofar as Belize's current so-called "leaders" are concerned, they certainly are NOT cut from the same cloth as persons such as Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat. They were true leaders who knew what it meant to be committed to a cause and therefore LEAD. I am confident in saying that if they were faced with the situation in which Belize finds itself, each would undoubtedly scoff at the hair-brained idea of legitimising Guatemala's unfounded claim, by agreeing go to the ICJ, particularly given the existent factors.

Therein lies the difference between those who are capable of LEADING and those who have absolutely no vision and therefore summarily prove to be a liability for the nation's well-being. If you disagree, I invite you to take a sober look in the mirror while assessing the cesspool of unwarranted socio-economic despair and dearth of good governance that, unfortunately, is synonymous with Belize.

Kindly bear this in mind as you continue to conduct your due diligence, leading up to 10th April 2019, the date of the Referendum, which is fundamentally the modern day equivalent of, 1st June 1797, that critical date in Belizean history, when the Flowers Bank Fourteen made the unselfish decision to stay and defend the territory from the Spaniards' advancements.

Therefore, leading up to the Referendum, I challenge you to ask yourself, "What would Mandela do?"


8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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