• Paco Smith - BPP Chairman


There is no doubt many pertinent issues are afoot in Belize, ranging from the endemic corruption, to the existential threat posed by the PUDP which persists in their effort to deceive Belizeans into believing that voting to go to the ICJ is in the nation's best interest.

In this instance, as always, we must remain both vigilant and cognizant in terms of what sources we choose to use as reference points for which we conduct our due diligence. Therefore, I urge Belizeans to take due care and attention.

Below is a link to an article which, admittedly, is one person's opinion, to which I concede, its author is entitled. Yet, I would be remiss not to address something mentioned in the article that I found rather disconcerting, for it was simply expressed, with no effort to provide explanation.

I draw your attention to the fourteenth (14th) paragraph of the article which reads, "While the two dominant political parties struggle to hold on to their supporters, which will be extremely difficult in the next election, the Belizeans who live in the United States and abroad are now angry with the UDP, PUP and BPP. They possess the resources to do many things about the current political situation in Belize."

My sense of discontent stems from the above-quoted statement. Therefore, my question is simply, 'What exactly are Belizeans who live in the United States and abroad upset with the BPP for?"

I raise this question because from many corners individuals, as well as entities (particularly the majority of the traditional media houses in Belize) make a concerted effort to ignore the BPP. If you are keeping abreast of the ebb and flow of the referendum debate, it should be public knowledge that the BPP is the only viable, active political party (that has consistently contested elections since its inception) that has registered an unequivocal "NO to the ICJ". In fact, not only have we done precisely that, for the record, the principles in the BPP have (1) Held said position since the signing of the Special Agreement/Compromis in 2008 and (2) Provided a viable option to the myopic and ill-conceived, singular narrative of the PUDP and their FAILED "4A Policy" of:APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ADHERENCE and ACCOMMODATION.

It is from that backdrop, I register the above-listed question. Additionally, I would be remiss not to reiterate that amid the subterfuge and deception which appears to be par for the course, among some of the most vocal in public spaces, concerning all--things-Belize, that Belizeans must remain both cognizant and vigilant in terms of the sources from which they choose to glean information. I highlight this because for those who may not be attuned or are susceptible to blindly accepting virtually anything that appears in print, they might inadvertently be under the gross misconception that the BPP has somehow done something egregious to the our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Certainly, that is not the case, as the BPP is in the process of further developing our liaison with elements in the Diaspora. This is evidenced by way of the recent establishment of the BPP's Los Angeles Chapter, as well as our plans for the establishment of additional chapters throughout North America.

Therefore, I wish to state for the record, the stance of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) on the matter of whether Belizeans in the Diaspora should be afforded special dispensation to re-register, in light of the current inhibitor (e.g. the two month residency requirement), which precludes many from so doing and subsequently functions to prevent them from potentially voting in the impending referendum, that the BPP supports the right of Belizeans who live abroad to be facilitated, as is necessary, in the re-registration process, so as to ensure they are able to vote on 10th April 2019.

This is the principled position of the BPP because our determination is steeped in the notion of advocating that which is unquestionably right for our nation and citizenry, particularly given the fact that Guatemalans who have fraudulently obtained Belizean citizenship, as a result of PUDP political collusion and corruption, in contravention to the Constitution, shall be afforded the opportunity to not only re-register, but also vote in the impending referendum.

In closing, the BPP supports Belizean Diaspora voting rights, in this regard and in keeping with our well-researched position on the matter of the referendum, we continue with our unabashed call for Belizeans to vote an unequivocal "NO to the ICJ!"

Kindly, further peruse the BPP's website for more information regarding the BPP's position on this, as well as other pressing issues.


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