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Given my inherent proclivity for all things "Caribbean", particularly those which involve matters of Governance, I invite one and all to read the below article which appeared in a recent edition of the Caribbean News Now online periodical.

To my Belizean people, kindly read and analyse whether you can discern any manner of significance or relevance to the Belizean situation.

Although the specific topic of discussion may not be germane, there are several themes contained within (e.g. referendum, voting choices, politics, deception, the quest for power, etc...) which hold considerable importance to matters afoot in Belize, as well as the underlying reality concerning the psyche of our people regarding: voting, elections and just how much or better yet, how little we truly appreciate the potency of one's vote.

With the impending referendum looming in Belize's not-too-distant future, that shall inevitably define the trajectory of our nation as it relates to a number of spheres, it is imperative Beliizeans become keenly attuned to that which is transpiring before our eyes.

Traditional (PUDP) politicians continue to play extremely dangerous games and unfortunately to-date, an all-too-willing "majority" of those who decide to exercise their franchise, persist in empowering these unethical and undesirable "representatives" to do as they please, once elected. It is past time we wake-up and accept not only this reality, but the fact that only we can change it.

The change begins with each citizen and with the re-registration process currently underway, the first step is to re-register. Do not depend on a political party to "assist" you in the process. Do it yourself! That way you need not feel beholden onto any political party when it comes time to vote. The second step is to commit yourself to gaining FULL DISCLOSURE regarding the issues concerning the referendum scheduled for 10th April 2019. Do not fall for the myopic, one-sided single narrative that is being given by way of the skewed and biased GOB Referendum (mis)Education Campaign. Become proactive in seeking knowledge regarding all options available to Belize, particularly those which do not place our territory at risk!

When it comes to General Elections, whenever it is called, I invite one and all to take a sober look in the mirror and ask whether you believe Belize deserves better than the 37 years of debauchery that is synonymous with the corrupt rule of successive PUDP administrations.

Yes, take a look at the condition in which Belize finds itself: socially, economically and spiritually and ask yourself if you are satisfied. Bearing this in mind, I invite one and all to broaden your horizons to the fact that in order for things to improve in our nation, it makes absolutely no sense to continue to support the monopolistic two-party approach to government.

The way to effectively buck this ineffective system is to find out more about and embrace the only viable alternative to this madness. Support your Belize Progressive Party - BPP - www.belizeprogressiveparty.org - because failing to do so means you are quite satisfied with the abhorrent state in which our nation finds itself (across the board), summarily due to PUDP negligence.

With that, Belizeans and true friends of Belize, I urge you to take stock and understand that, as a nation, we can no longer afford to continue along this destructive path of PUDP political tribalism.

For those among you who are not inclined to take the time to read the entire article, allow me to highlight what I believe to be a most insightful quote that encapsulates my point. It comes at the eleventh paragraph of the attached article in which it reads..."We must reflect on our past history and pay attention to the type of persons who are in the political arena, trying to hold on to power and those who are trying to grab hold of power because some of them think that they are entitled to govern the country, in order to fulfill their political dreams and agenda."

8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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