• Paco Smith - BPP Chairman


On the eve of our nation's 37th Anniversary of Independence, amid the sorry state of: the economy, the nation's governance, social welfare and citizen security, I take this opportunity to highlight something of paramount importance. That of which I speak is the impending matter of the Referendum scheduled for 10th April 2019, in which Belizeans will be asked whether or not they will vote to have Guatemala's unfounded claim to our sovereign territory, taken to the ICJ. This is not a trivial issue and therefore warrants the full attention of all Belizeans and true friends of Belize, who understand the true depth of its gravity. Therefore, not to discount the aforementioned concerns, but quite frankly our people must not only take note, but take charge of this issue of existential significance. In keeping with our commitment to ensure Belizeans are afforded FULL EXPOSURE to the pros and of even more significance, the cons associated with voting "yes" on the Referedum, the BPP is adamant that all contributors to the Referendum Education Campaign are expressly aware that what the GOB purports to be neutral, is anything but that.

The BPP calls on the UNDP, as well as the financial donors (namely the Governments of the UK, as well as the US), to ensure that (1) the funds granted in respect of the campaign are being used accordingly; which means that a neutral exercise is being undertaken and (2) there is accountability required of the GOB in its use of the funds; Thus ensuring that Belizeans are afforded an unbiased perspective as to the facts across the board and of equal significance, that the taxpayers of the aforementioned nations are assured their financial contribution to this matter is being handled with sound, fiscal due diligence.

With the dismal track-record of the GOB and Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, regarding outright corruption, given the gravity of this matter, the BPP is obligated to take such measures to ensure that Belizeans are no longer short-changed on this existential issue which holds real implications for our nation's future.

I encourage Belizeans from all walks of life, whether resident in Belize or abroad, to sound the alarm and inform the overseers of this entire matter, that you are not pleased with the singular narrative that is intentionally being portrayed. You can achieve this by forwarding this post to everyone on your fb Friend's List, as well as those in your address book.

8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!


#NototheICJ #Transparency #Accountability #goodgovernance #UNDP #FULLDISCLOSURE

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