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Dis Da Your Country Take It or Lose It

The more I travel around Belize. The more I study who own what and why, who is wealthy and how... ...the more I realize that young people of this country got robbed so terribly, terribly, terribly bad. Land Is Empowerment A country with a land to population ratio of 20 acres and yet over 100,000 young Belizean can't get a lot. I am so happy I went through hell. In 2010 when I ran as an independent Chairman of Placencia and won. I wasn't sure what was in for me. However, it opened my eyes to the reason this country is corrupt, why this country will always have more and more poor, and why those currently in charge will never change that fact...

... Because those people who have been running this country knows its wealth, and they want it all for themselves, and the only way they can do that is to keep you poor and dependent.

They like that your spirit is broken and your soul aching. It makes you docile, timid, passive...focused on surviving and staying out of lik way. Dis Da Your Country...Take It Or Lose It I have one advice to young Belizeans: make up your mind to get hurt, abused, kicked, punched and victimized... ... Once you get through that stage of pain, you will become and unstoppable machine.

You will take your country back and eradicate this greedy, corrupt and dysfunctional system.

Please, or you will have nothing to fight for... Soon!

Charles Leslie Jr

Charles Leslie Jr.


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