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Meet The BPP | Elizabeth Dena | Treasurer of the Belize Progressive Party

About Elizabeth Dena

Mrs. Dena was born and raised on Cran Street in the Freetown Division. She attended St. Joseph RC School and then later Pallotti High School.

She is a wife, and mother of 6 beautiful children.

She earned her associates degree at St. John’s College Junior College and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at University of Belize.

She worked as the Manager and Accountant of Balam Jungle Co. Ltd. through February 2014.

She was a part of the first graduates of Americorps Youthworks Program in USA.

She is currently self-employed working as a Real Estate Property Manager and Consultant, and also assist at St. Joseph School Arts Program teaching Drama.

She is a champion for justice and believe the best resource is that of human relationships.

She is an advocate for the less fortunate and the building of our communities.

Religion: non-denominational. she was raised by her father and she hails from extremely humble beginnings.

She believes she can use her experience and knowledge to uplift and empower our people one by one, one day at a time.

She believe in the Almighty and he is the Lord of her life.

Her mission and hope is to have our people united, educated and spreading love through our community by showing results.

She notes that when we understand where we are coming from, we know where we are going. Each one teach one. Her mission and commitment is to Freetown and the entire nation of Belize.

About Elizabeth Dena Treasurer of the Belize Progressive Party

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