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Meet The BPP | Paco Smith | Chairman of the Belize Progressive Party

About Paco Smith


Although there are a variety of ways to answer this question, the most straightforward response is that he is the proud son of two, loving and extraordinary parents - Frank Smith, Sr. and Lois Pitts-Smith (both deceased), whose sacrifices he acknowledges were key toward grooming him to be the man he is today.

He is one of five children who were raised in a loving family, where love and respect were paramount. He is grateful for the strict upbringing provided by his parents and credits his holistic worldview, steeped in discipline and Christian values, as the foundation from which he was molded.

Among the myriad of things to which he credits his parents, he singles out their instilling in him: (1) a clear understanding of that which is right versus wrong, (2) the importance of being an individual thinker (3) an appreciation for the significance of education and self-improvement, (4) the need to lead by example and (5) the gravity of the need to possess love and compassion for humanity. Albeit he acknowledges the fact that self-praise is no recommendation, if he were tasked with describing himself, Paco contends that he would use: God-fearing, humble, conscious, caring, insightful and driven as descriptors.

He is: a son, a dedicated single-father, the consummate bachelor, an educator, a scholar and an advocate for several worthy causes (including: children’s rights, the unquestioned sovereignty of Belize and its territorial integrity, safeguarding our natural environment and the advancement of Social Democracy…among others). Additionally, he is an avowed student of life and is resolute in the quest to do away with the political status quo aka the “PUDP” system, which has proven the bane of Belize’s sustainable development.

He believes firmly in the doctrine of good governance principles, both in theory and practise, as well as, the significance it holds for the rule of law and the overall quest to foster and maintain equitable and sustainable development for the nation of Belize.

He prides himself as being spiritual, but not religious, for he contends that religion is a manmade construct, whereas spirituality is ethereal and unlike “religion” does not emphasise the differences among us.

In sum, he is a proud, patriotic Belizean and is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of this nation - all 8,867 square miles of it - for future generations to enjoy and develop in a sustainable fashion. HIs mantra is that he “seeks to live a simple life, in this complex reality” and does via always holding dear, the virtues of: PEACE, LOVE and GUIDANCE.

You can learn more about Paco Smith Here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paco-smith-60734936?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

About Paco Smith Chairman of Belize Progressive Party

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