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Meet The BPP | Patrick Rogers | Political Leader of the Belize Progressive Party

About Patrick Rogers

Mr. Rogers is a student of Garveyism and following in the footsteps of Dr. Walter Rodney.

Continuing the works of Antonio Soberanis and Protege of Honorable Phillip Goldson.


Accounting Degree from University of Texas at Austin.


Owner/Manager at INET Solutions, offering ABC (Accounting, Business Management, and Computer Support) consultancy.

Founding member of Commoners Reform Movement and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA).

His vision: "To build an alternative movement for change that will make a difference for all Belizeans, and to reverse the direction the PUDP Two-Party System have been taking our beloved Belize!"

Objective: "To be a voice for the common people!"

Motto: "It's about the WE and not the ME!"​

About Patrick Rogers Political Leader Belize Progressive Party

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