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Patrick Rogers (Leader): Wil Maheia (Deputy Leader): George Myvett (Chair): Javier Molina (Secretary General)

March 6, 2020


The Belize Progressive Party, the BPP hereby expresses

SOLIDARITY and support for the Stevedores and Christian Workers Union in their fight for inclusion and SOCIAL JUSTICE against the Port of Belize. The Belize Progressive Party is fully cognizant of the scope and depth of the threat posed to the job security and livelihood of the Stevedores and understands the impact that any negative outcome to their campaign in terms of any loss of income, employment, or erosion of the conditions of their service would have on their families, dependents and loved ones.

The BPP, like the Stevedores and the CWU, is hoping for an equitable and lasting solution to their negotiations with the Port of Belize – however until such an outcome is realized the Belize Progressive Party is urging the Prime Minister and his Government to enact legislation that would return the Port to Public Ownership where it can be subsequently divested and owned by the Stevedores and general citizenry of Belize.

The Public Ownership of the Port of Belize would bring to a merciful end the RECEIVERSHIP of the Port which has kept the Stevedores from realizing the Collective Bargaining Agreement that would assure their rights and interests. The CWU has been thwarted from concluding on a Collective Bargaining Agreement since 2006.

The action by SUGAR PRODUCERS to bypass the Port of Belize over the past seven (7) months has resulted in great hardships to the Stevedores and their families and any decision that would worsen this situation is untenable and undesirable. Hence the appeal of the Belize Progressive Party to the Prime Minister and his Government to live up to their SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and come to the assistance of the Stevedores and the Workers of the Port in general.

The BPP also at this juncture calls on the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the NTUCB, as well as other SOCIAL PARTNERS, to join in SOLIDARITY with the Stevedores and CWU in their protest action against the owners of the Port of Belize as well as the de facto decision by major SUGAR PRODUCERS to bypass the Port.

The BPP takes this opportunity to assure the public of its unwavering commitment to stand in SOLIDARITY with and defend the RIGHTS and INTERESTS of the WORKERS and WORKING CLASS CITIZENS of Belize.


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