Patrick Rogers | Pickstock | Political Leader of the BPP

Mr. Rogers is a student of Garveyism and following in the footsteps of Dr. Walter Rodney. Continuing the works of Antonio Soberanis and Protege of Honorable Phillip Goldson. Accounting Degree from University of Texas at Austin. Owner/Manager at INET Solutions, offering ABC (Accounting, Business Management, and Computer Support) consultancy. Founding member of Commoners Reform Movement and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA). His vision: "To build an alternative movement for change that will make a difference for all Belizeans, and to reverse the direction the PUDP Two-Party System have been taking our beloved Belize!" Objective: "To be a voice for the common people!" Motto: "It's about the WE and not the ME!"

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Wil Maheia | Toledo East | Deputy Political Leader of the BPP

Mr. Maheia was born in Forest Home Village on 12 April 1961. Wil attended primary school at Forest Home Methodist School and Punta Gorda Methodist School. Wil earned his Master of Sciences Degree from the University of Idaho in 1995 with a major in Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism. Wil graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Northeastern Illinois University in December 1992.   

Wil is currently a consultant in the areas of agriculture, tourism and the environment, and also hosts a public interest program on the PG-TV News Network.  Wil and his wife, Ellen Maheia, have two children, a son and a daughter.  (Wil's daughter was the top PSE scorer for the Toledo District for the 2010-2011 school year!)

Wil is the founder and former Executive Director of the Toledo Institute of Development and the Environment (TIDE) and was Director of Integrated Conservation Development Projects at the Belize Center for Environmental Studies (BCES). He also the founder of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) that brougth national and international attention to our border dispute with Guatemala. 

Wil enjoys playing basketball with his children, watching football, traveling in Belize (especially the rural areas), reading the newspapers (especially Evan X editorials), fishing and camping.  (Wil has organized and sponsored a summer youth camp in Toledo for the last 15 years.)

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Edna Diaz | Corozal South East Leader

Mrs. Diaz was born in Banque Viejo, Cayo District on March 13, 1974 to Jesus Chi and Esperanza Chi nee Lopez of San Jose Succots village. She is married and have 5 children, 4 lovely daughters and 1 boy. Her father Jesus Chi (still living) did farming and chiclero as a living. After the death of her mother, her father remarried to a wonderful woman Mariana Chi nee Borjas and he moved to Progresso Village where she is currently living.


She attended Progresso Zill's S.D.A primary school and graduated. Following the footsteps of her father she has been a farmer for more than 15 years, and had the privilege to win Female Farmer of the Year for 2005-2006. Her family's main crops include onions, vegetables, cane and also beekeeping. She also served as chair-lady for the Northern Beekeepers Cooperative. She studied Dress Making and Design and successfully completed the program receiving a diploma from the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton Pennsylvania in 1998. This was possible through the help of Mrs. Anna M Gragg who is part of her foster family.


She also completed a second class teachers certificate in 1995, and also hold a certificate of achievement of introduction to computers from the Ministry of Education completed in 2002 .


She currently serve in her Village Emergency Committee (V.E.C). She firmly believes that agriculture is one of the most important pillars of our nation. She is of proud Maya Mestizo heritage, her tie to the land she calls Belize, is what will forever motivate her to be a humble servant to her people. 

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Lucilo Teck | Corozal South West Leader

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Hector Palomo | Corozal North Leader

 He was born on 8 November 1964 at the village of Paraiso in the Corozal District the 3rd of 6 children from the union of Julia Sanchez and Juan Palomo.


He attended Paraiso government School.  He graduated from the Corozal Community College in 1981.

He took courses in social work in Mexico and upon his return to Corozal he initiated social work programs such as alcoholic anonymous and working with victims of broken families promoting strong family values.


At Xavier R.C. Parish he was part of a social group Mathew 25 helping in feeding programs and also attending to the special needs of the elderly.


As an active cane farmer and as a member of the Belize Sugar Farming Association he was involved in the fight for better prices for our sugar. They did this through strikes and public manifestations.

In the last six years he has participated in health programs, organized the Methodist eye center in Corozal Town and also the Hearts and Hands mission from the United States in Orange Walk.

He is currently engaged in the rescue of ancient Maya traditional stories to uplift Maya culture in Northern Belize.

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Roy Rodriguez | Corozal Bay Leader

He was born in Corozal Town on 22 January 1947.


He attended primary school in San Narciso R.C. School and Xaibe R.C. School.  He obtained his High School Diploma at Xavier College.  He also graduated from St. John’s Junior College 6th form in 1967.

His first job was as a teacher at Xavier College Corozal Town. During that time he was also elected Mayor of Corozal Town.


In 1975 he was awarded a Canadian Scholarship to attend McGill’s University.


After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in History/Educational Administration he taught at the Corozal Community College.


1980-1985: He was appointed as the first from Corozal to be Education Officer in Corozal Town.

He opened the first teacher training program in Corozal Town.

1985-1990: He took tourism courses in Mexico and worked at the Sheraton Hotel in Cancun.

1990: He returned to Belize and became the personnel manager of Ramada Royal Reef Hotel.

1993-2004: He became manager and owner of his own business in San Pedro Town.


He then returned to the classrooms to teach in Guadalupe R.C. School then at Corozal Junior College.

He is currently involved with the House of Culture in the restoration of the Santa Rita Mayan Temple, carnivals, and now he is writing the History of Corozal which he will publish sometime this year.

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Onofre Vellos | Orange Walk North Leader

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Dr. Javier Reyes | Orange Walk East Leader

My vision is for the creation of an enabling environment, where equal opportunities are available for the development of our beloved nation, Belize. Where our children can look to the past and recognize that effective corrective measures were taken so as to inherit them with vast opportunities and to be players and not mere observers in this everlasting and dynamic world.


Belizeans by nature are industrious and intelligent people and by capitalizing on these virtues we can obtain the best (engineers, architects, doctors, etc.) professionals to propel this beautiful jewel to another era of prosperity and equality. Our youths are the most formidable asset to our country and yet remain the most vulnerable and unattended. 


Sport professionals is not only a dream, it is attainable, with adequate education and sporting facilities, training camps and proper training we can have the best athletes in the world.


We are a caring society and that should be reflected in our health system across the country. Our Primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions will be properly equipped and staffed so as to ensure the best quality of service there is. We should be proactive in embracing international organizations offering state of the art services and treatment to our communities. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and lupus are depriving us from our beloved family members and we must intervene now. NHI rollout nationwide is a must. Dialysis services, mammogram screening and screening for other malignancies are necessary step towards our ultimate goals. 

Prevention is better than cure! 

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Hipolito Bautista | Orange Walk South Leader

  • Born in Belize City March 18, 1950

  • Attended St. Ignatius and Holy Redeemer Primary

  • St. John College High School, Sixth Form, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

  • Undergraduate degree in Economics and Management, UWI

  • Post graduate Diploma in Mass Communications, UWI

  • Certificate, Management and Development of Free Zones, Taiwan

  • Chief Broadcasting Officer, Radio Belize, 1981

  •  Administrative Officer,

    • Ministry of Health, Housing and Cooperatives

    • Ministry of Education and Sports

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prisons

    • Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • Director, Free Zones of BELIZE, 1993

  • Retired from Government Service, 1996

  • Entered Private Sector 1997

  • Member, Board of Directors, Commercial Free Zone Management Agency


  • Lecturer, Economics and Principles of Business, Anglican Community College

  • Candidate, COROZAL SOUTHEAST, We The People Reform Movement General Elections 2003

  • Mayoral candidate Corozal town 2008 We The People Reform Movement

  • Leader, We The People Reform Movement, 2008 to 2015

  • Candidate, ORANGE WALK SOUTH, Belize Progresive Party, General Elections 2015

  • Noteworthy achievements:

    • Secretariat Coordinator, NATIONAL ECONOMIC ADVISORY TASK FORCE 1993 for 25 year National Economic Development Plan

    • Writer, Producer, Director HISTORY OF BELIZE Stage production, September 1991 National Celebrations

    • Writer, Producer, Director LEGACY OF OUR ANCESTORS Stage production, September 2013 National Celebrations

    • Artistic Director, CARIFESTA BELIZE contingent 1975

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Sean Nicholas | Belize Rural North Leader

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Javier Molina | Belize Rural Central Leader

At the young age of 35, Mr. Javier Molina brings passion and fervor to the political arena. Not being from a traditionally political family, he is untainted by preconceived notions and mindsets. His ideas for progress and community service are fresh and uncorrupted and he is emboldened and stirred as he sees the wheels of democracy turn, eager for his opportunity to add to its revolutions.


Javier is the eldest of five children, born and raised in Belize City. He is a devoted Catholic and family man, married to Orissa Obando for the last 14 years, and father to a son, Javier Molina, Jr. and a daughter Xavissa Molina. They presently reside in Tropical Park, Hattieville, where they have been for the last ten years. Mr. Molina’s education began at St. Ignatius Primary School and continued at St. John’s College and St. John’s Junior College. He also has a certificate in Apple Production Suit. He spent a solid 16 years as the operations manager for the Catholic TV Apostolate in Belize City.


Javier Molina has been a man of service and involvement. He has held key positions in international organizations such as OCLACC (Organización Católica Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación) in Ecuador as an executive member and served as Vice President for Signis Caribbean (Caribbean Association for Catholic Communication) in Trinidad and Tobago. He also is a founding member and past President of the Belize Audio Visual Industry Association and past Vice President of the Judo Association of Belize.


He is ready for the heat of politics – as a volunteer for the Belize Fire Service, he has fought infernos and is ablaze with a passion for making positive changes in his community and country. His eyes are on his immediate surroundings first, serving as a committee member of the Tropical Park Neighborhood Watch. He also serves on the board of his children’s school, Belize Elementary.


As a talented film maker and photographer, he will bring a unique skill set of creativity and imagination to the political arena. His work has been recognized and rewarded by the Rotary Club of Belize for outstanding contributions to the films Choices and Risking It All – two titles that could easily encapsulate the essence of this new venture in his life. If you desire relevant change, heart, humility and honesty, Javier Molina needs to be your choice for Belize Rural Central.

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Richard McCaulay | Lake Independence Leader

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Elizabeth Dena | Freetown Leader

Mrs. Dena was born and raised on Cran Street in the Freetown Division. She attended St. Joseph RC School and then later Pallotti High School. She is a wife, and mother of 6 beautiful children. She earned her associates degree at St. John’s College Junior College and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at University of Belize. She worked as the Manager and Accountant of Balam Jungle Co. Ltd. through February 2014.  She was a part of the first graduates of Americorps Youthworks Program in USA. She is currently self-employed working as a Real Estate Property Manager and Consultant, and also assist at St. Joseph School Arts Program teaching Drama.


She is a champion for justice and believe the best resource is that of human relationships. She is an advocate for the less fortunate and the building of our communities. Religion: non-denominational. she was raised by her father and she hails from extremely humble beginnings. She believes she can use her experience and knowledge to uplift and empower our people one by one, one day at a time. She believe in the Almighty and he is the Lord of her life. Her mission and hope is to have our people united, educated and spreading love through our community by showing results.  She notes that when we understand where we are coming from, we know where we are going. Each one teach one. Her mission and commitment is to Freetown and the entire nation of Belize.

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Garry Matus | Queen's Square Leader

He was born on 30th June 1975 in Belize City - He is a true born Belizean. He loves his country and he wants the best of everything for his Belizean brothers and sisters. He is running as a candidate for the Queen's Square Division for this upcoming election.


He is asking you, then, to vote for him on November 4th, 2015. He noted, "I would like to tell you why I want you to vote for me and I would like to share with you some of the plans and ideas that I have for you and the Queen's Square Division. For many years I have seen my people struggle to live. Many don't have a decent place to live and more than that, they have very little or no food to eat. Some children go to school hungry. My big dream now is to help the people in Queen's Square Division to have decent homes to live in. I promise to work hard, if elected, to provide free education, free school equipment such as school bags, books, pencils and any other necessary items for the students of Queen's Square Division. These things will help the students to get the best education possible for them. They can then get good jobs to support themselves and get out of their poverty. To help reduce crime, I will work hard to get police protection around the clock - 24/7.


"I will work to get school officers to pick up students dropping out from school and roaming the streets and getting into trouble with the law. These drop outs must then be returned to school. I would also like to be able to provide three meals a day for these students.


"I also plan to find ways to bring down the cost of living so that people could have a better life. I believe that we need to bring down the gas prices. To do that, we must build an oil refinery in Belize. I believe too, that we need to build a new hospital where poor people can receive good treatment without having to pay some big money for the treatment. I hope to be able to raise salaries for the doctors, nurses and all other employees at this hospital.


"I promise to do my best to do all of these things for the people of Queen's Square Division. I promise never to let you down."


Vote green. Vote for Garry Matus for Queen's Square on November 4th.

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Rollin Powery | Fort George Leader

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Andrew Williams | Cayo South Leader

His name is Andrew Williams, he is 51 years old and reside in Belmopan. He was born and raised in Belize City, shortly after high school, migrated to the United States where he joined the United States Marine Corp. He returned home in 2006 and have lived in Belmopan since.


He wants the people of Cayo South to know: “The beautiful Cayo South Constituency has been held in stagnation with absolutely no growth and little advancement since 1998. The PUP and the UDP have both held office for two terms each and have ignored this constituency. The beautiful Cayo South areas are now regressing, its infrastructures are falling apart and there is absolutely no plans or new ideas from those in the leadership of this constituency to not only fix the problems, but to implement the necessary programs to allow improvement and growth.”


Mr. Williams and the B.P.P., with your support, will not only fix these problems, we’ll IMPROVE, we’ll BUILD, and we’ll CREATE a new CAYO SOUTH.

Do you want to know more about me? Please call 602-4781

Charles Leslie Jr. | Belmopan Leader

Mr. Leslie was born and raised in Placencia Village on November 6, 1980. His grandmother was the first Chairperson of Placencia Village and was responsible for bringing the first: post office, telephone, restaurant, hotel to Placencia, among many other accomplishments.


He graduated Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College with an Associate's Degree in Business.


He owns and operates Leslie Tech Digital Marketing, where he helps businesses across Belize and the world in developing marketing strategies, and thus grow their businesses.


He served as the first and only independent Chairman of Placencia Village (2010 - 2013).


He served as the chairman of the Belize Unity Alliance (2014 - 2015), which the BUA was put together as a temporary entity with a focused objective of getting all participating alternative parties to form a national political party in Belize. This was accomplished on October 1st, 2015. 


He lives in Belmopan with his wife and daughter and is very active in building the BPP brand.


He states: "Belize is NOT a poor country. Quite the contrary. There is absolutely no reason to have poverty and suffering in such a great nation. I will continue to fight for the voiceless and landless, for a voice and land is true empowerment."



  • · Found $13,000 debt at the Village Council in April 2010. Paid it off by June that year.

  • · Raised over $32,000 for Placencia Sports Complex.

  • · Raised over $25,000 for first phase of the rudimentary drainage system for village.

  • · Completed the ratification process of the Placencia Village Council Bi-laws, the only village that has done so in Belize.

  • · Worked with the Placencia Rotary Club to procure a donated garbage truck. Lowering garbage fees.

  • Member of the Peninsula 20/20 Steering Committee, which completed the Peninsula 20/20 Initiative: A Consensual Vision of the Future of the Placencia Peninsula.


Download Charles Leslie Jr's Belmopan Progressive Plan

Do you want to know more about me? Please call 610-1733

Milton Palacio | Stann Creek West Leader

Greetings to all my supporters of the Stann Creek West Constituency.


 I must first say  that I give thanks to the creator , ancestors  and my parents who nurtured me with the  love, to be able to honest, humble and successful.


 I am Milton Palacio a Garifuna son of the soil, who grew up in Independence Village. I come from a family of 12 , 6 sisters and 5 brothers.  Parents:  Elda Diego Palacio and Augustine “ nam-nam” Palacio.


I attended Independence Primary School and later Independence High school.  In 2004 I successfully completed my Teacher’s Certification Training.   In 2006 I attended Ecumenical Junior College pursuing my Associate Degree in Primary Education. I have been in the Teaching profession for the past 16 years to present serving the villages in the Stann Creek west  and Dangriga  educating our children .


I have served as a volunteer for the Belize Defense Force, numerous committees, non-profit  and church organization.


I am honoured to give my time to the people of Stann Creek West.   I have lived the struggle for many years and it’s time for new a beginning and change. Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Unity is through strength, hard work brings success.

Do you want to know more about me? Please call 652-4072

Estevan Assi Jr. | Toledo West Leader

Mr. Assi is 29 years old and is the Compliance Officer for the Toledo Cacao Growers Association and is responsible for Organic and Fairtrade Certification, Quality and TCGA’s Internal Control System. His responsibilities include tracking production, implementing and enforcing strategies and procedures to enhance quality, conducting trainings, preparing for inspections, etc. His involvement in the Organic Agriculture sector began in his early childhood years as part of the family traditional gardening system, but became involved in 2008 when he joined Sustainable Harvest International as an Extension Officer; both in Toledo and Stann Creek district. His direct involvement with farmers to provide technical service earned him the position as Chairman of the Toledo Organic Alliance, a satellite branch of the first Local Certification System ; Belize Organic Alliance.


As an avid promoter of sustainable farming system, Estevan has been involved in other developmental projects and has partnered with Proworld to offer technical assistance in agroforestry, pest and disease management and carbon sequestration.


Born in San Antonio Village, Toledo in 1986, Estevan spent most of his time in other communities since his father was a primary school teacher who transferred every two years. He graduated from Laguna Gov’t School in1997, and then proceeded to Toledo Community College that same year. After graduating from Toledo Community College in 2001, he gained some experience working in the tourism industry for some years. In 2008, he attended UB- Toledo, with a major in Natural Resource Management.

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