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Greetings business owners and residents of Belmopan,


General elections are over, however, that does not mean that we should not continue to worktogether in growing the local economy of Belmopan.


To make good on my promise to stimulate the local economy, instead of t-shirts, banners, brochures etc… for my campaign, I have opted to print business cards that can be used as coupons.


I am asking you, the business community, to please participate in this collective stimulus initiative by making each one of my business card coupon redeemable at your place of business for whatever you wish. It could be a percentage discount on a service, product, meal, a free drink... Whatever you wish.


You give me nothing, you lose nothing, the customer gains value for money, and your business get free marketing and an influx of clients spending money at your place of business.


Each business whom wish to participate in this stimulus initiative, simply need or email me at or call me at 610-1733 with the offer for which you would like to have the card coupon redeemable at your place of business.


Each business will be listed on my Facebook page at and (a special button will be placed on the Home page and navigation for easy identification.)


Let's grow Belmopan together.


Kerasi Restaurant & Bar

Offering authentic Belizean cusine as well as international delectables. Located on Nim Li Punit Street, Belmopan.


MY BUSINESS CARD IS REDEEMABLE FOR: Order any meal item on the menu and get 1 FREE drink. If you bring a group of 5 or more, you get 10% off your entire bill.

Blanca Scizor's Beauty Salon

Offering comprehensive beauty salon services. Located just next to Wing Stop in Belmopan.


MY BUSINESS CARD IS REDEEMABLE FOR: 10% off any salon service.

Smoothline Barber Shop

We do eyeberow, regular haircut, design haircut. Located in the same building as Tibbz.


MY BUSINESS CARD IS REDEEMABLE FOR: 50% off any haircut service.

The Smoke Shack

Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Take Out, Waiter Service and Outdoor Seating. Located just at the Hummingbird Highway and Constitution Drive (round-a-bout) intersection at the southern entrance of Belmopan.


MY BUSINESS CARD IS REDEEMABLE FOR: Buy one meal and get the second at 50% off.

Omega Restaurant

Omega is off the beaten track, and has a very Mexican feel. The food is simple but good, the drinks are excellent, service is friendly, the whole place is very clean, and prices are reasonable.



Hummingbird Furnishings

Hummingbird Furnishings is located in the heart of Belize, Central America, and is proud of its unique blend of  Wicker, Rattan, Wood, Bamboo and Poly Resin Furniture made for residential and commercial use.  Incorporating kiln dried and treated mahogany into its frames, each piece is intricately hand woven with the finest materials and craftsmanship available.  A thorough inspection is also executed as products progress through each department, assuring our customers the highest quality.


MY BUSINESS CARD REDEEMABLE FOR: $50 off any furniture purchase, $10 off any accessory purchase.

Anjen Essentials

AnJen Essentials a business that sells natural hair products. Shea Butter hair moisturizer and twist and lock creme and hair gels. For all your natural hair needs contact AnJen Essentials 661-2156.


MY BUSINESS CARD REDEEMABLE FOR: Sample of a natural hair product with purchase of a product.

Vasquez's Taxi Service

Pick up and drop off to anywhere in Belize. Catering to officials and local personnel.


MY BUSINESS CARD REDEEMABLE FOR: $1 off any taxi run within Belmopan.

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